Mending Broken People

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For Business Owners

As a Businessperson, Consider How We
Can Help Employees Who Need Drug and
Alcohol Recovery Programs

The Good Samaritan’s Inn provides drug and alcohol recovery programs from a Christian perspective. We work closely with civic leaders and philanthropists to provide a structured, proven alternative that changes lives and helps addicts
become stable, settled, and productive.

The Good Samaritan’s Inn combines learning and work and spirit-filled guidance in a secure, supervised setting. Our 6-month drug and alcohol recovery programs offer hope, a purpose, and a future, for those who are suffering. For their family, friends and employers, we provide a proven, permanent answer to one of America’s most destructive social problems. Please Also Consider How We Can Help Your Business

The Good Samaritan’s Inn provides 6-month drug and alcohol recovery programs for men of all ages and backgrounds, 18 years of age and older. Many residents are educated, vocationally trained, talented, and eager to become productive again. Within our highly structured, supervised environment, we have the people, the capital resources, and the facility space to supply your business with a wide variety of services.

If your business needs motivated and
well-supervised contract labor for:

• Assembly
• Collating
• Packaging
• Light manufacturing
• Warehousing and shipping
• Data entry, or
• Customer service

. . . or other tasks, The Good Samaritan’s Inn can supply a labor resource that will meet your needs for quality and consistency. We will work with you short or long-term, and, because we are a residential treatment facility, hours are flexible to suit the requirement. Let us help you, while you support one of the most effective charitable work
programs in the Midwest.