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Drug Addiction Recovery:
A Message to Families

Millions of Americans are trapped in their addiction to alcohol, or drugs. A 2006 national survey by the US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 22.6 million Americans experienced substance abuse or dependency in
the previous year.  There are no words to adequately describe the devastation and dangers produced by
these addictions.  Usually, the ones who are hurt the most are their families.

For many families throughout the US, The Good Samaritan’s Inn provides an effective Christian alternative for family
members who need effective drug addiction recovery. Our faith-based residential recovery program uses the
Word of God, and spirit-filled guidance, to bring those who need and want drug addiction recovery to an understanding
of what it means to become a new creation in Christ.

Our drug addiction recovery program is Christian focused, and has as its mission the full and lasting restoration of
family relationships that have been damaged by substance abuse and the dis-functionality that always goes with it.

The Good Samaritan’s Inn offers effective drug addiction recovery in a 6-month residential program for men 18 years
and older.  If your loved one is suffering from addiction, our alcohol and drug addiction recovery program may be
the answer you’re seeking.

Our highest calling is to heal the mind, 
body and soul, and to restore each person to 
their full potential as a child of God.