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For HR Professionals

Alcoholism Recovery:
A Message for HR Professionals

According to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 73 percent of all illegal drug users in the US are employed. No company or organization is immune from the devastating effects of this phenomenon, in lost productivity, damaged relationships, legal problems, etc.

HR professionals have a unique and valuable opportunity to help individuals who are suffering from addictions with effective alternatives for drug and alcoholism recovery. For many employees who need a drug or alcoholism recovery program, The Good Samaritan’s Inn, in Hamilton, Ohio, offers a proven, effective, Christian based alternative with a long track record of lasting success.

The Good Samaritan’s Inn is a residential drug and alcoholism recovery program for men 18 and older.  For 6 months, in a structured and highly supervised setting, we use Christian principles, and trained Christian ministers and counselors, to help each resident build a personal relationship with God and
to understand His messages of hope, healing and responsibility. This drug and alcoholism recovery program is non-denominational and entirely Christ-centered.

HR professionals who refer employees to GSI’s drug and alcoholism recovery program help them become productive and self-respecting again, freed from the compulsions and bad choices caused by chemical dependence.

Residents who complete the program have the tools to return to their families and jobs, and are able to make good decisions and relate to co-workers.   

We invite you to read the comments of government and clergy professionals, and learn more about The Good Samaritan’s Inn.