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For Ministers

Christian Drug Rehab:
A Message for Ministers

Information published by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors acknowledges that addiction to drugs
and alcohol infects every segment of our society. Children who live in homes with alcoholism are more likely to be the
victims of abuse and trauma, and to have a higher incidence of alcoholism themselves.

Currently, one in four children lives in a family where there is alcohol abuse, and countless others suffer because of their parents’ drug abuse.  It is critical today that ministers have the knowledge, and the tools, to work effectively with members who are addicted.

Christian drug rehab is a lasting and proven solution for many who are suffering addiction. Since 1982,
The Good Samaritan’s Inn has provided a Christian drug rehab program in a residential format, for men 18 and older.

For 6 months, in a highly structured and supervised residential setting, we use the Word of God, and trained
Christian counselors, to impart core messages of hope, healing, and personal responsibility.  Most important, our
Christian rehab program helps each resident build and nurture a personal relationship with God.  Our Christian
drug rehab program is non-denominational and entirely Christ-centered.

Ministers who refer congregants to GSI’s Christian drug rehab program help them become self-respecting and whole
again, finally freed from the bondage and devastation of chemical dependence.

Residents who “graduate” have the tools to return to their families,  jobs and communities, and are more capable
of making good decisions.  We invite you to read  the words of other ministers and counseling professionals, and to learn more about The Good Samaritan’s Inn.