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The greatest challenge we face in
helping the men of our community with
drug addiction recovery … is funding

The Good Samaritan’s Inn provides proven drug addiction recovery services from a Christian perspective.  We work
closely with business and civic leaders, as well as fraternal and charitable organizations and churches, to identify those
who are suffering from drug addiction, and to intervene, with a structured program that helps addicts become
stable and productive again.

The Good Samaritan’s Inn is a transitional living facility – in every sense of the word.  We combine study, work and
spirit-filled guidance in a secure, supervised, residential setting. Most importantly, our residential drug addiction recovery programs are provided at no cost to the government, or the
community – and no cost to the individual or his family.

We provide new hope and purpose to all men 18 years of age and older who need drug addition recovery intervention.  And we’re able to do so thanks to the generous support of individuals, and charitable and faith organizations who recognize that there is no higher calling than restoring hope and dignity to those who are suffering.

Permanent drug addiction recovery helps to answer one of our nation’s most urgent and destructive problems.  It is a
problem that effects not only those who are addicted, but their families, friends, neighbors, employers and communities.

The Good Samaritan’s Inn is not a half-way house, but a highly structured 6-month drug addiction recovery program
with a strong track record of success.  We serve men of all ages, and backgrounds.  Many residents are educated, skilled, and eager to become productive citizens again.  Within our faith-centered, supervised environment, we have the people,
the knowledge, and the dedication to make permanent drug addiction recovery a reality for all of them.

Please consider supporting with your gift one of the most effective charitable work programs in the Midwest.  
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