Mending Broken People

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Professional Leadership

Leadership in Christian
Recovery Programs

Rev. Josh Willis is the founder, and President of The Good Samaritan’s Inn. He is the pastor of Grace Chapel
of Praise, an inner city work ministry in Hamilton, Ohio. During his years at Grace Chapel, Rev. Willis became keenly
aware of the need for effective Christian recovery programs to serve people who were in crisis as a result of substance
abuse and the devastation it brought to their families, work, and self-esteem.

In 1982, being led by the Holy Spirit, Rev. Willis founded The Inn to provide Christian recovery programs for adults
of all races and faiths. This ministry, which has helped hundreds of addicted people since 1982, is a unique
program that includes structured learning, work, study, and professional guidance. It provides an effective and
powerful bridge from a past of hopelessness and defeat to a future of hope and victory in a new life in Christ.