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Whats New Today

What’s New Today

The Good Samaritan’s Inn provides Christian treatment for effective recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
Our residential Christian treatment program is firmly grounded in Christ-centered principles and is endorsed and
recommended by a broad range of civic leaders and officials.

“GSI” is a dynamic, active, positive environment of learning, working and healing.  Here are some of
what’s new – and upcoming.

Coming Soon: Ministers Workshops – If you do not have an on-site Christian treatment facility for drug and
alcohol recovery, The Good Samaritan’s Inn can help you establish a program for members of your congregation
and others who are suffering from these conditions.

Our Christ-centered program offers proven, permanent recovery in an highly supervised, residential setting.
If you would like to set-up a Christian treatment program in your area, or if we can be of immediate help to
someone you know who is suffering from substance abuse. Email us today.